MCKS Pranic Healing Inland Empire Team Members


Cindy Chang

Cindy Chang

Pranic Healer/RN/Acupuncture Student

Yin Chuan Chang is an RN/acupuncture student who became interested in healing when she first started her career as a nurse. After learning different modalities of healing and meditation, she found that MCKS Pranic Healing works effectively at the physical, emotional, and mental level for clients. She has been successfully using Pranic Healing to help acupuncture clients and other individuals get better results.If anyone needs translation to Mandarin during Pranic Healing events/classes in the San Gabriel Valley, please feel free to contact her for details at 626-566-5257.


Rafael Enriquez

Pranic Healer/Translator/Entrepreneur

Rafael Enriquez is a personal student of Master Co. He conducts Introductions to MCKS Pranic Healing® in Fontana, Victorville and Adelanto. Since 2010 he has helped Kei Okubo with translation for MCKS Pranic Healing® classes, workshops, and Introductions. As a husband and parent, he has been able to witness the benefits of Pranic Healing in many aspects of his family, from relationship healing to healing common health issues on a constant basis to helping clients heal old or long standing conditions. He has also had wonderful results using MCKS Pranic Feng Shui and Kriyashakti for his careers and business. Meet him at one of his upcoming MCKS Pranic Healing® Free Healing Clinics in English and Spanish.


Kaysone Williams

Pranic Healer, Registered Nurse, Pranic Healing Instructor

Kaysone Williams has extensive experience in promoting optimal health and healing within the community. She works as a Registered Nurse and a Basic Pranic Healing Instructor. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1993 and has worked at a reputable acute care hospital in Upland California for the past 20+ years. She was introduced to the book Miracles Through Pranic Healing in 2011 and was able to enhance her skills as a healer. She has seen how Pranic Healing has helped her family, friends, and people in the community feel better emotionally and physically. Clients have given feedback of being relieved from pain, anxiety, stress, and had improvements on their medical diagnosis. So inspired and grateful for the wisdom of Pranic Healing, she helped facilitate healing clinics and became an Pranic Healing Intro Leader in 2013. In 2018 she received her Master of Science in Nursing. In 2019 she completed the extensive Basic Pranic Healing apprenticeship program and became a Basic Pranic Healing Instructor. Please join Kaysone for Pranic Healing clinics, meditations, introductory workshops to Pranic Healing, and Pranic Healing Level 1 classes. She is enthusiastic about sharing the priceless teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui's Basic Pranic Healing so you too can help yourself, your family, and others.


Nora Pritchard

Pranic Healer/ Retired Public School Teacher

Nora recently retired after 29 years as a public school teacher. In April 2008, a friend invited her to a free Pranic Healing clinic and the experience truly changed her life. She was amazed at how she felt after the healing, and what subtle energetic changes she felt during the healing. After a few more healing experiences, it was imperative to take every MCKS Pranic Healing class she was able to take.

Nora co-facilitated a weekly clinic in Riverside for 8 1/2 years. She is looking forward to engaging in in Introductory Pranic Healing Workshops, Health Fairs and Expos and in outreaching to our local Pranic Healing Inland Empire Community. She considers this a remarkable, humbling, and fun energetic and spiritual journey.
She has tremendous gratitude, respect, and love to her teachers, Master Stephen Co and Kei Okubo.