Join Us May 3rd for Wesak: the Most Powerful Spiritual Event of the Year

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Transform a tumultuous time into a period of purification & immense blessings.

Master Stephen Co, a senior disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, will provide an intense purification and guide the Wesak Festival Meditation live from Anaheim, CA on May 3, 10 AM to 10 PM. This event is open to Pranic Healers by pre-registering with the U.S. Pranic Healing Center (909) 548-0885.

This period of energetic alchemy begins with the arrival of the full moon of Aries on April 4. The Aries full moon has been referred to as the Christ full moon, representing Divine love. The energy of that full moon is building toward the upcoming full moon on May 3, the full moon of Taurus.

If you were unable to join in Master Co's full moon meditation last month and would like more information about meditation and/or wish to experience in person group meditation, you may wish to join in a group Meditation on Twin Hearts in your area posted within this newsletter and meetup.com_Pranic Healing Inland Empire.

The full moon of Taurus is also known as the Wesak Festival, the most powerful full moon of the year. Wesak is an opportunity for spiritual aspirants to gather worldwide to participate in focusing positive energy toward Mother Earth and all of earth's inhabitants. The full moon of Taurus represents Divine will and power.It has been said that this particular full moon is the meditative equivalent to meditating daily by one's self for one month.

During the Wesak Meditation, participants in Anaheim will take part in a sacred geometric formation to purify our vehicles, chakras and physical bodies and to Bless Mother Earth. As we Bless Mother Earth, we generate good karma for good health and healing, prosperity, joy, happiness in our material and spiritual lives.

This powerful full moon period concludes in June, with the Festival of Goodwill, also known as World Invocation Day. This Gemini full moon honors the spiritual and divine nature of humanity and helps distribute the Wesak energies globally. The energetic alchemy comes in when one take a time of crisis and turn it into a time of opportunity.

For more information about the upcoming full moon meditations on line, and for more information on how you can take part in the Wesak Festival on Sunday, May 3 in Anaheim, CA, the full moon of Gemini in June and monthly full moon meditations, please visit the United States Pranic Healing Center's website at and in addition for weekly/monthly in person group Meditation on Twin Hearts locations, please visit: meetup.com_Pranic Healing Inland Empire and the monthly Pranic Healing Inland Empire Newsletter. Thank You.


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