Collaboration, Truthfulness, and Dealing with Anger

Schools offer a good basis for children to learn important life skills through social interaction with their peers. Most schools have a curriculum to teach character building in children, where use of books, media, and classroom situations offer good learning opportunities. But of course, this starts at home as kids learn to get along with their siblings, cousins, and friends in the neighborhood even before they start school. Parents are key here as they teach their children this. Teaching children how to recognize and acknowledge their feelings, emotions and behaviors, how to communicate, and the ability to reflect on the situation is essential. This all takes time and can be learned naturally as the situations come forth.

Parents and adults are essential at this time since children are not currently in school. But never fear! We are including a few links to some helpful learning in collaboration, truthfulness, and dealing with anger. These are short and engaging stories that can jump start conversations. Click on the links below:

Collaboration/Working Together: Above and Beyond

Truthfulness/Honesty: TellinForg the Truth Is Cool Video

Dealing with Anger: When I Feel Angry and Controlling Anger Video

Forgiveness: The Angry Bee – A Story of Forgiveness and Brothers Learn Forgiveness with Legos

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