Getting Some Clarity During Uncertain Times

Needing clarity and guidance? Or maybe you are interested in mediation and mindfulness and how these can help you during uncertain times. The answers may be as simple as clicking “subscribe” on Master Co’s YouTube Channel! Topics include meditation, mantras, and self-healing to name a few. To subscribe, simply click the link below:

Below you will find some of the most recent videos. Don’t miss out and subscribe today!

Magic and Mystery of WESAK Meditation

Master Co gives a brief and talk on the Wesak Meditation on May 7, 2020 and the opportunity to sign up for a 7 day purification:

Nothingness Meditation

A quick but powerful meditation is explained on in this video followed by a peaceful guided meditation.

Chanting the Mantra Om

Master Co speaks again about meditation and one of the main purposes of meditation – to experience clarity.

Guided Self-Healing Meditation for Respiratory Health (previously shared on March 22 blog but sharing this powerful meditation again in case you missed it!}

In the powerful session, Master Co leads the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Participants will practice simple techniques to cleanse and energize specific energy centers to increase the energy level of your respiratory system.

What is Happening Spiritually with the Corona Virus

Master Co shares valuable insights regarding the current pandemic and the importance of personal transformation and inner reflection.

9 Minute I Am Meditation

Join in with this short but powerful guided mediation led by Master Co to witness and discover the calm of your True Self.

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