Harness the Energies of the Year's Most Powerful Full Moon

We have three very powerful full moons in the Springtime. The first, the full moon of Aries, is typically referred to as the Christ moon, due to the energies exuded. The upcoming full moon, the full moon of Taurus, is the most powerful, and is also referred to as Wesak. This moon is tied to the energies of the Buddha. Spiritual aspirants often trek to the Wesak Valley in Tibet during the time of this full moon.

This is a wonderful time to harness these energies to bless the Earth and its beings, your family and friends, and all your projects. With the Wesak full moon coming May 7, there are many ways to get ready for this amazing spiritual experience in your own home.

By taking part in the 7 Days of Inner Purification & Transformation starting April 30, Master Stephen Co will share ways to prepare your physical body, emotions, and mind for the tremendous downpour of Divine Energies. You will be guided in a live morning session, helping you with meditation and deep insights into esoteric teachings.

Want to be a channel of Love, Light, and Power? Join with like-minded individuals around the world in the Wesak full moon. Click here for more information and to register for this once-a-year spiritual experience.

(Registration closes on May 2, 2020.

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