How to Help Others From Home

We are one week into the 21 Days of Meditation, but it is not to late to join Master Co as he guides us in chanting the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, the mantra of Mercy and Compassion. The more who join, the more powerful the results. The choice of this beautiful mantra is to provide healing energy to the healthcare providers and those who need healing throughout the world. In a few minutes of your day, you could provide comfort to:

  • Care Givers and Health Care Providers

  • Patients with COVID-19

  • Our Leaders

  • Finances, Jobs and the Economy

  • Transmuting Energies of COVID-19

  • People in the Service Industry and Essential Jobs

  • Every Person and Every Being on Earth

Join us as One by doing this meditation daily at 7am and 7pm, in your time zone. If you can't at that time, just affirm oneness and do these short meditations at any time.

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