Now in 6 Languages - Peace Through Meditation

We have added French to our list of languages!

The Meditation on Twin Hearts, accessible and acceptable to all religious groups, provides peace through blessing the Earth and its inhabitants.

This beautiful meditation is a wonderful way to help from home, providing blessings to others, and, in turn, receiving blessings. Thanks to Master Stephen Co, Alejandra Armas De Luca, Pranic Healing Taiwan, MCKS Pranic Healing Japan, Thierry Rebeccu, and Oneida James for all of their contributions and for preparing these for our practice.

Don't forget Master Stephen Co's Anchor the Light series, to provide peace and healing where it is most needed. These meditations and healing events take place Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the month of June.

English (with video)

In Spanish and English

In Mandarin Chinese

In Japanese

In Farsi

In French

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