Pucker Up for Pickles!

Driving through the Central Valley of California with miles and miles of fruit and vegetable farms, one can’t help but feel so much gratitude for the awesome availability of fresh, colorful produce grown right here in the Golden State. Hmmm….but what about areas in the U.S. and around the world where the growing season is limited or where fresh produce is not as it is here in California? Well then, how about some PICKLES?!

Dating back for thousands of years, pickling was a necessity as it was the best way to preserve food for a long period of time. Early travelers relied on pickles for their long journey across the seas. It was - and still is - a good source of food during the cold winter months for families living in colder climates. Pickles assist in good gut health as it contains helpful probiotics which help support digestive balance. There is also a good amount of Vitamin K! There are other nutritional benefits depending on what is being pickled. (See What Pickles Can Do for Your Health.)

Wait there's more! Eating pickles also assists the body in replenishing electrolytes and boosts hydration. The word “pickle” is often associated with cucumber or dill pickles, but there are many recipes that include puckering up other fruits and veggies in a jar. In the article, History in a Jar: The Story of Pickles, the author shares an interesting history of pickles as well as many yummy recipes! Take a look to learn a bit more about pickling and have fun trying out some of these recipes at home for yourself! Happy pickling!

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