MCKS Pranic Healing Level 1


In MCKS Pranic Healing® Level 1, you learn the fundamentals of working with other's and your own energy including but not limited to the aura, for example, learning to "scan," or feel the energy, to "sweep," or clean away congested energy, and to "energize," or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency. You begin by learning to activate the energy centers, or "chakras," in the center of your hands. This enables you to become sensitive to prana and scan a person's - or your own - energy field to identify blockages and then cleanse, energize and revitalize the area with new prana. - See more at:

MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing Level 2


MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing® is a specialized workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers.

In Advanced Pranic Healing®, you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results. Colored prana creates a more focused effect on the energy field and the chakras.  Advanced Pranic Healing® and Level 1 are prerequisite classes for Arhatic Yoga® Preparatory Level and Kriyashakti classes usually taught by Master Co in either February, July/August and November in the Southern California are.

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MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy Level 3


Pranic Psychotherapy® is the application of Pranic Healing® techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the aura and in the critical energy centers. These energies are often difficult to release, requiring months or even years of traditional psychotherapy to experience any improvement. Pranic Psychotherapy®, however, offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns. Graduation from Pranic Healing Level 1, 2 and 3 are prerequisite classes for applying for the Pranic Healing Certification Program of which enrollment has been offered twice yearly through the U.S. Pranic Healing Center - See more at:


MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing Level 4


In Pranic Crystal Healing® you will learn how to harness the power of one of Mother Earth's precious gifts, crystals and gem stones, which you can use to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity. - See more at:


MCKS Pranic Psychic Self-Defense Level 5


We are swimming in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies. If you are not properly protected from these contaminants, you can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotional, physically and financially. - See more at: